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The Dedication - November 23, 1936 - November 23, 1986
The rotary and the Algonquin Regiment fitness Trail commemorates 50 years of Rotary Volunteer Service to the Parry Sound community and it is also dedicated to those in the Algonquin Regiment who gave their lives for our freedom. It is a tribute to many who have contributed to making Parry Sound a great place to live, work and play.

About the Fitness Trail
It has become a well-known and popular attraction in Parry Sound.  Winding along the Eastern Shoreline of Georgian Bay at Parry Sound, the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail takes you on a 5km excursion filled with scenery, attractions and fun and relaxation.

The pathways are very well maintained providing for ease in walking, jogging, running or biking.  In winter the trail is groomed for snowmobile pleasure.  Snowmobiles are the only motorized vehicles permitted on the trail (with the exception of electric scooters, wheelchairs, etc.)

The trail runs from the Salt Docks off Marion Avenue, down to Champagne Street in what is known as the old Parry Harbour.  Public boat launching is permitted both at the Salt Docks and at Parry Harbour.

In addition to the sites, sounds and attractions along the shoreline, the trail also features five fitness, picnic tables and benches.

The trail passes by the Waubuno Park Town Beach and the Old Town Beach, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Charles W. Stockey Centre and Bobby Orr Hall of Fame and passes along the Town Dock area where the 30,000 Island Queen Cruise Boat is stationed.  The trail also takes you by the modern Tony Agnello Water Treatment Plant with a rooftop lookout station that provides a great view of the Big Sound.

There are memorial stations and information plaques along the way too.

Heading north, past the Salt Dock Wharf, the trail actually continues as it turns into a 2.5 rugged hiking trail.  It's officially known as the North Shore Rugged Hiking Trail and is frequented by avid hikers.  Heading south past Parry Harbour, the trail continues.  The trail is fairly flat.  It gradually narrows and takes you very close to another salt dock location.

In addition to the flat and wide trails, the Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail is well lit.  Light standards are placed close to each other along the trail.  Whether you are out for a mid-day stroll or late-evening jog, you will feel comfortable and safe along the way.

When visiting Parry Sound don't miss taking in the Fitness Trail.  Either on the trail or close by, the number and variety of attractions will allow you and your family to make a great day on your journey along the shoreline.